GPSD - Multiprotocol GPS daemon with /proc like interface
Lightweight daemon application designed to abstract Global Positioning data form various GPS receivers into somewhat universal, simple and easily accessible form.
/proc like interface allows effortless access to the GPS data form mapping software developed in any imaginable programming language without all the mess of APIs, external libraries etc.
Support for many GPS interface protocols (in development) and simulation mode can be a great deal of help with developing of mapping software even if target GPS receiver is not available or position data cannot be fixed at the workplace during development (e.g. no coverage inside the building).
Developed in C++/Linux
Current version (0.2.X beta) only supports Garmin protocol and simple simulator. NMEA protocol is in development and will be included in the next version (0.3.0).
for comments and complains please email alex.sw[at]
Downloads are here.
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